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The 2023 Florida Statutes

Title XI
Chapter 154
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F.S. 154.506
154.506 Primary care for children and families challenge grant awards.
(1) Primary care for children and families challenge grants shall be awarded on a matching basis. The county or counties shall provide $1 in local matching funds for each $2 grant payment made by the state. Except as provided in subsection (2), up to 50 percent of the county match may be in-kind in the form of free hospital and physician services. However, a county shall not supplant the value of donated services in fiscal year 1996 as documented in the volunteer health care provider program annual report. The department shall develop a methodology for determining the value of an in-kind match. Any third party reimbursement and all fees collected shall not be considered local match or in-kind contributions. Fifty percent of the local match shall be in the form of cash.
(2) A small county with a population of no more than 50,000 may provide the required local matching funds entirely through an in-kind contribution as long as the new system of care produces an increase in patients served or services delivered, or both.
(3) Grant awards shall be based on a county’s population size, or each individual county’s size in a group of counties, and other factors, in an amount as determined by the department. However, for fiscal year 1997-1998, no fewer than four grants shall be awarded.
(4) Children and families eligible for other state and federally financed health care programs shall exhaust all health care benefits funded through those programs prior to receiving health services through the primary care for children and families challenge grant. A program funded under this act may bill for third party reimbursement for services provided.
(5) Implementation of the Primary Care for Children and Families Challenge Grant Program shall be subject to the allocation of a specific appropriation in the General Appropriations Act.
History.s. 6, ch. 97-263.

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