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The 2022 Florida Statutes (including 2022 Special Session A and 2023 Special Session B)

Title XIII
Chapter 186
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F.S. 186.901
186.901 Population census determination.
(1) The Office of Economic and Demographic Research shall annually provide to the Executive Office of the Governor population estimates of local governmental units as of April 1 of each year, utilizing accepted statistical practices. The population of local governments provided by the Office of Economic and Demographic Research shall apply to any revenue-sharing formula with local governments under the provisions of ss. 218.20-218.26, part II of chapter 218. The Office of Economic and Demographic Research shall additionally provide the Executive Office of the Governor population estimates for municipal annexations or consolidations occurring during the period April 1 through February 28, and the Executive Office of the Governor shall include these estimates in its certification to the Department of Revenue for the annual revenue-sharing calculation.
(2)(a) Population shall be computed as the number of residents, employing the same general guidelines used by the United States Bureau of the Census.
(b) For the purpose of revenue-sharing distribution formulas and distribution proportions for the local government half-cent sales tax, inmates and patients residing in institutions operated by the Federal Government, the Department of Corrections, the Department of Health, or the Department of Children and Families shall not be considered to be residents of the governmental unit in which the institutions are located.
(c) Nothing herein shall be construed to prohibit the separate determination of any categories of persons, whether resident or nonresident.
(3) In cases of annexation or consolidation, local governments shall be required to submit to the Executive Office of the Governor, within 30 days following annexation or consolidation, a statement as to the population census effect of the action.
(4) Estimates of inmates and patients pursuant to paragraph (2)(b) shall be separately stated in population reports issued pursuant to this section.
History.s. 3, ch. 72-360; s. 1, ch. 75-93; s. 1, ch. 77-174; s. 1, ch. 78-209; s. 76, ch. 79-190; s. 11, ch. 82-154; s. 2, ch. 83-299; s. 16, ch. 99-8; s. 44, ch. 2000-371; s. 40, ch. 2014-19.
Note.Former s. 23.019.

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