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The 2023 Florida Statutes

Title XX
Chapter 296
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F.S. 296.09
296.09 Health record and general register to be maintained.
(1) A health record for each resident must be maintained and must contain an identification sheet, a medical history, a report of initial physical examination, and subsequent records of treatment and progress, including medications, diets, and consultations. An annual reevaluation of the resident’s health status must be conducted and recorded. The health record and the annual reevaluation are confidential and exempt from the provisions of s. 119.07(1) and s. 24(a), Art. I of the State Constitution, and must be preserved for a period of time as determined by the director.
(2) The administrator shall keep a general register, in which must be recorded the following information concerning each resident admitted:
(a) Name, age, place of birth, and occupation.
(b) Date of admission.
(c) Residence at time of admission and length of residence in this state immediately prior to admission.
(d) Date of enlistment and date of discharge.
(e) Married or single.
(f) Pension or disability, rate of compensation, estate, and any other income.
(g) Any additional information that the administrator considers necessary.
History.s. 8, ch. 89-168; s. 106, ch. 90-360; s. 10, ch. 92-80; s. 1, ch. 95-117; s. 150, ch. 96-406; s. 7, ch. 98-16.

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