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The 2023 Florida Statutes

Chapter 481
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F.S. 481.321
481.321 Seals; display of certificate number.
(1) The board shall prescribe, by rule, one or more forms of seals for use by a registered landscape architect who holds a valid certificate of registration. Each registered landscape architect shall obtain one seal in a form approved by rule of the board and may, in addition, register her or his seal electronically in accordance with ss. 668.001-668.006. All final plans, specifications, or reports prepared or issued by the registered landscape architect and filed for public record shall be signed by the registered landscape architect, dated, and stamped or sealed electronically with her or his seal. The signature, date, and seal constitute evidence of the authenticity of that to which they are affixed. Final plans, specifications, or reports prepared or issued by a registered landscape architect may be transmitted electronically and may be signed by the registered landscape architect, dated, and sealed electronically with the seal in accordance with ss. 668.001-668.006.
(2) It is unlawful for any person to sign and seal by any means any final plan, specification, or report after her or his certificate of registration is expired, suspended, or revoked. A registered landscape architect whose certificate of registration is suspended or revoked shall, within 30 days after the effective date of the suspension or revocation, surrender her or his seal to the executive director of the board and confirm in writing to the executive director the cancellation of the landscape architect’s electronic signature in accordance with ss. 668.001-668.006. When a landscape architect’s certificate of registration is suspended for a period of time, her or his seal shall be returned upon expiration of the period of suspension.
(3) No registered landscape architect shall affix or permit to be affixed her or his seal or name to any plan, specification, drawing, or other document which was not prepared by her or him or under her or his responsible supervising control or which was not reviewed, approved, or modified, and adopted by her or him as her or his own work with full responsibility as a landscape architect for such documents.
(4) Nothing in this part shall prohibit a registered landscape architect from filing plans of work defined under this part.
(5) Each registered landscape architect must include her or his certificate number in any newspaper, telephone directory, or other advertising medium used by the registered landscape architect, corporation, or partnership. A corporation or partnership must display the certificate number of at least one officer, director, owner, or partner who is a registered landscape architect employed by or practicing with the corporation or partnership.
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