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2010 Georgia Code


§ 10-5A-24 - Commissioner of Securities; employees; compensation and expenses; assistant commissioner; prohibited use of information; confidential information

O.C.G.A. 10-5A-24 (2010)
10-5A-24. Commissioner of Securities; employees; compensation and expenses; assistant commissioner; prohibited use of information; confidential information

(a) This chapter shall be administered by the office of the Secretary of State who is designated Commissioner of Securities.

(b) The Commissioner shall have authority to employ examiners, clerks, stenographers, and other employees as the administration of that portion of this chapter vested in him may require. The Commissioner shall also have authority to appoint and employ investigators who shall have, in any case that there is reason to believe a violation of this chapter has occurred or is about to occur, the right and power to serve subpoenas and to swear out and execute search warrants and arrest warrants.

(c) The Commissioner and any persons employed by him shall be paid, in addition to their regular compensation, the transportation, board, lodging, and other travel expenses necessary and actually incurred by each of them in the performance of their duties under this chapter.

(d) The Commissioner shall appoint, with the approval of the Governor, a person as assistant commissioner and delegate such of his powers and duties under this chapter to such assistant commissioner as he desires.

(e) Neither the Commissioner nor any employees of the Commissioner shall use any information which is filed with or obtained by the Commissioner which is not public information for personal gain or benefit, nor shall the Commissioner or any employees of the Commissioner conduct any securities or commodity dealings whatsoever based upon any such information, even though public, if there has not been a sufficient period of time for the securities or commodity markets to assimilate such information.

(f) (1) Except as provided in paragraph (2) of this subsection, all information collected, assembled, or maintained by the Commissioner is public information and is available for examination by the public.

(2) The following are exceptions to paragraph (1) of this subsection and are deemed to be confidential:

(A) Information obtained in private investigations pursuant to Code Section 10-5A-20;

(B) Information designated as confidential by any rule, regulation, or order of the Commissioner; and

(C) Information obtained from federal agencies which may not be disclosed under federal law.

(3) The Commissioner in his discretion may disclose any information made confidential under subparagraph (A) of paragraph (2) of this subsection to persons identified in subsection (a) of Code Section 10-5A-25.

(4) No provision of this chapter either creates or derogates any privilege which exists at common law, by statute, or otherwise when any documentary or other evidence is sought under a subpoena directed to the Commissioner or any employee of the Commissioner.

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