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2010 Georgia Code


§ 12-8-24.1 - Certification of municipal solid waste disposal facility operators

O.C.G.A. 12-8-24.1 (2010)
12-8-24.1. Certification of municipal solid waste disposal facility operators

(a) After July 1, 1992, no person shall perform the duties of a municipal solid waste disposal facility operator without being duly certified under this Code section.

(b) After July 1, 1992, no municipal solid waste disposal facility shall be operated in Georgia unless the operator is certified under this Code section. All inspectors of municipal solid waste disposal facilities shall be certified to inspect the same.

(c) The division is authorized to cooperate with the University System of Georgia or with any other appropriate organization approved by the director to develop a certification program which conforms with the requirements of this part. The division may classify all municipal solid waste disposal facilities required to have operators certified under this part with due regard to the size, type, character of the solid waste to be disposed of, and other physical conditions affecting such municipal solid waste disposal facilities according to the skill, knowledge, and experience that the operator in responsible charge must have to operate the facilities successfully so as to protect the public health and welfare and prevent environmental problems.

(d) Any certificate granted under this Code section shall be renewable as provided by rules of the board.

(e) The division shall approve all examinations and courses to be used in determining the knowledge, ability, and judgment of applicants for certification under this Code section.

(f) Upon application, a certificate may be issued without examination in a comparable classification to any person who holds a valid current certificate in any state, territory, or possession of the United States or any other country, provided that the requirements for certification of operators under which the person's certificate was issued do not conflict with this part and are of a standard not lower than that specified by regulations adopted under this part and provided, further, that reciprocal privileges are granted to certified operators of this state.

(g) The director may investigate the actions of any operator and may revoke or suspend the certificate of an operator when the director finds that the operator has practiced fraud or deception; that reasonable care or judgment or the application of his knowledge or ability was not used in the performance of his duties; or that the operator is incompetent or unable to perform his duties properly.

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