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2010 Georgia Code


§ 15-11-24.2 - Duties of probation officers; liability

O.C.G.A. 15-11-24.2 (2010)
15-11-24.2. Duties of probation officers; liability

A probation officer:

(1) Shall make investigations, reports, and recommendations to the court as directed by this article;

(2) Shall receive and examine complaints and charges of delinquency, unruly conduct, or deprivation of a child for the purpose of considering the commencement of proceedings under this article;

(3) Shall supervise and assist a child placed on probation or in the protective supervision or care of such probation officer by order of the court or other authority of law;

(4) Shall make appropriate referrals to other private or public agencies of the community if their assistance appears to be needed or desirable;

(5) May take into custody and detain a child who is under the supervision or care of such probation officer as a delinquent, unruly, or deprived child if the probation officer has reasonable cause to believe that the child's health or safety or that of another is in imminent danger, or that the child may abscond or be removed from the jurisdiction of the court, or when so ordered by the court pursuant to this article. A probation officer may not conduct accusatory proceedings against a child who is or may be under such probation officer's care or supervision;

(6) Shall perform all other functions designated by this chapter or by order of the court pursuant thereto. Any of the functions specified in this Code section may be performed in another state if authorized by the court located in this state and permitted by the laws of the other state; and

(7) Other laws to the contrary notwithstanding, no county juvenile intake or probation officer or staff of the Department of Juvenile Justice serving as juvenile intake or probation officer shall be liable for the acts of any child not detained or taken into custody as provided in paragraph (5) of this Code section when, in the judgment of such officer, such detention or custody is not warranted.

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