Case details

Court: cand
Docket #: 4:12-cv-01927-KAW
Case Name: Muench Photography, Inc. v. Pearson Education, Inc.
PACER case #: 254026
Case Cause: 17:501 Copyright Infringement
Nature of Suit: Copyright


Date Filed Document # Attachment # Short Description Long Description Upload date SHA1 hash
2012-05-17 8 0 STIPULATION AND ORDER GRANTING re 7 STIPULATION WITH PROPOSED ORDER EXTENDING TIME FOR DEFENDANTS TO ANSWER COMPLAINT AND CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE filed by Pearson Education, Inc. Signed by Judge Kandis A. Westmore on 5/16/12. (sis, COURT STAFF) (Filed on 5/16/2012) 2012-05-17 07:58:03 e1bc899ba1735b7957a2077dd161208e0d4dee21