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Court: caed
Docket #: 2:12-cv-00621
Case Name: First Time Videos, LLC v. Unknown
PACER case #: 236124
Date filed: 2012-03-12
Date of last filing: 2012-06-05
Case Cause: 17:101 Copyright Infringement
Nature of Suit: Copyright


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2012-03-12 1 0 Complaint 2012-03-15 13:03:21 b6befb1ef4b2fb2a2ef7b2bc2a173eaa1d0b387d
1 1 Exhibit A - IP Address of John Doe
1 2 Exhibit B - IP Addresses of Co-Conspirators of John Doe
1 3 Exhibit C - Copyright Application 2012-03-13 18:23:58 23eaa39750e246beafdc56cf89a9d6b48696bda3
2012-03-12 2 0 Civil Cover Sheet
2012-03-12 3 0 Statement
2012-03-12 5 0 Copyright New Case Documents for GEB
5 1 Order re Consent
5 2 Copyright Report 2012-03-13 18:28:59 8b23761b8a867418910928c8256a17a547f9f611
5 3 VDRP Form
2012-03-16 6 0 Ex Parte Application
2012-03-16 7 0 Proposed Order
2012-04-18 8 0 Order ORDER signed by Magistrate Judge Edmund F. Brennan on 4/17/2012 ORDERING that Plaintiff's 6 ex parte application for leave to take expedited discovery is GRANTED IN PART and DENIED IN PART. Plaintiff may immediately serve a Rule 45 subpoena on Comcast Cable Communications (the ISP listed for John Doe in Exhibit A to the complaint) to obtain the following information about John Doe (based on the IP address listed for him in Exhibit A to the complaint name, addresses, telep hone numbers, and email addresses. A copy of this order shall be attached to the subpoena. Comcast Cable Communications ("Comcast") will have thirty (30) days from the date a copy of this Order and a copy of the subpoena are served upon it to serve John Doe with a copy of the subpoena and a copy of this order. Comcast may serve John Doe using any reasonable means, including written notice sent to Doe's last known address, transmitted either by first-class mail or via overnight ser vice. Comcast and John Doe each shall have 30 days from the date of service to file any motions in this court contesting the subpoena (including a motion to quash or modify the subpoena). If that 30-day period lapses without John Doe or Comcast conte sting the subpoena, Comcast shall have 14 days to produce to plaintiff the information responsive to the subpoena with respect to John Doe. Comcast shall confer with plaintiff before assessing any charge in advance of providing the information reques ted in the subpoena. If Comcast elects to charge for the costs of production, Comcast shall provide plaintiff with a billing summary and cost reports. Comcast shall preserve all subpoenaed information pending Comcast's delivery ofsuch informatio n to plaintiff or the final resolution of a timely filed and granted motion to quash the subpoena with respect to such information. Any information disclosed to plaintiff in response to the subpoena may not be used for any improper purpose and may only be used for protecting its rights as set forth in the complaint. Plaintiff's request for an order authorizing plaintiff to serve subpoenas on other ISPs is denied without prejudice. (Zignago, K.) 2012-04-19 07:34:50 8706e9a741077a08eac0912f24bdf8206db4f372
2012-05-28 9 0 Status Report
2012-06-05 10 0 Order 2012-06-05 18:22:13 c13c89209c9f5941204683dfe3bb7b4052fb6d17