Case details

Court: flsd
Docket #: 1:12-mc-20878
Case Name: First Time Videos LLC v. Doe
PACER case #: 395905
Date filed: 2012-03-03
Date terminated: 2012-06-28
Assigned to: Chief Judge Federico A. Moreno
Case Cause: Motion to Quash
Nature of Suit: 890 Other Statutory Actions
Jury Demand: None
Jurisdiction: Federal Question


Represented Party Attorney & Contact Info
First Time Videos LLC
Joseph Perea
Joseph Perea, P.A. 9100 South Dadeland Blvd., Suite 1500 Miami, FL 33156 305-934-6215 Fax: 888-229-4968 Email:

John Doe
Richard Manuel Viscasillas
Richard M. Viscasillas, Esq. 3400 NE 192 Street, #508 Aventura, FL 33180 954-663-4969 Fax: 954-333-3635 Email:


Date Filed Document # Attachment # Short Description Long Description Upload date SHA1 hash
2012-03-03 1 0 Petition/Motion to Quash, Motion for Protective Order, Motion to be Served from the Case and Motion to Dismiss Complaint By John Doe with IP Address and Accompanying Memorandum of Law/RE: Subpoena to Quash from Another District . Filing fee $46.00 receipt number 113C-4520813, filed by John Doe.(Viscasillas, Richard) Modified text on 3/5/2012 (jc). (Entered: 03/03/2012)
2012-03-03 2 0 Judge Assignment to Chief Judge Federico A. Moreno (jc) (Entered: 03/05/2012)
2012-03-05 3 0 Clerks Notice to Filer re: Electronic Case. No Civil Cover Sheet and Subpoena. Filer is instructed to file a Notice (Other) with the Civil Cover Sheet and Subpoena attached within 24 hours of the notice. (jc) (Entered: 03/05/2012)
2012-03-08 4 0 NOTICE of Compliance by John Doe re 3 Clerks Notice to Filer re: Electronic Case (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit subpoena)(Viscasillas, Richard) (Entered: 03/08/2012)
2012-03-09 5 0 Clerks Notice to Filer re 4 Notice of Compliance. Document not filed in Text Searchable Format; ERROR - The document was not filed in Text Searchable Format. All future filings must be submitted in Text Searchable format as instructed in the CM/ECF Administrative Procedure 3G(5) -Page 10-. It is not necessary to refile this document. (jcy) (Entered: 03/09/2012)
2012-03-16 6 0 RESPONSE/REPLY to 1 Petition/Motion (Complaint) RE: Subpoena from Another District, Response in Opposition to Movant's Motion by First Time Videos LLC. (Perea, Joseph) (Entered: 03/16/2012)
2012-06-01 7 0 NOTICE (Stipulation) of Substitution of Counsel by Joseph Perea on behalf of First Time Videos LLC instead of prior counsel of record Prenda Law, Inc. c/o Joseph Perea. (Perea, Joseph) (Entered: 06/01/2012)
2012-06-20 8 0 NOTICE of Voluntary Dismissal by John Doe (Viscasillas, Richard) (Entered: 06/20/2012)
2012-06-28 9 0 FINAL ORDER OF DISMISSAL AND ORDER DENYING ALL PENDING MOTIONS AS MOOT. Signed by Chief Judge Federico A. Moreno on 06/27/2012. (tkn) (Entered: 06/28/2012)