Case details

Court: ilnd
Docket #: 1:11-cv-08335
Case Name: First Time Videos LLC v. Doe
PACER case #: 262674
Date filed: 2011-11-21
Date terminated: 2012-02-03
Date of last filing: 2011-11-29
Assigned to: Honorable Robert M. Dow, Jr
Case Cause: 17:101 Copyright Infringement
Nature of Suit: 820 Copyright
Jury Demand: Plaintiff
Jurisdiction: Federal Question


Represented Party Attorney & Contact Info
First Time Videos LLC
Paul A. Duffy
Prenda Law 161 North Clark Street Suite 3200 Chicago, IL 60601 (312) 952-6136 Email:

John Doe


Date Filed Document # Attachment # Short Description Long Description Upload date SHA1 hash
2011-11-21 1 0 complaint COMPLAINT filed by First Time Videos LLC; Jury Demand. Filing fee $ 350, receipt number 0752-6591287.(Duffy, Paul) (Entered: 11/21/2011) 2012-09-24 15:25:17 e0a8a50051d609476ac0847821143a837044c0f8
2011-11-21 2 0 civil cover sheet CIVIL Cover Sheet (Duffy, Paul) (Entered: 11/21/2011)
2011-11-21 3 0 notification of affiliates pursuant to local rule 3.2 NOTIFICATION of Affiliates pursuant to Local Rule 3.2 by First Time Videos LLC (Duffy, Paul) (Entered: 11/21/2011)
2011-11-21 4 0 attorney appearance ATTORNEY Appearance for Plaintiff First Time Videos LLC by Paul A. Duffy (Duffy, Paul) (Entered: 11/21/2011)
2011-11-29 5 0 assigning/reassigning Case EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE ORDER: Case reassigned to the Honorable Robert M. Dow, Jr for all further proceedings. Case reassigned by lot pursuant to 28:294(b). Signed by Executive Committee on 11/29/11.(smm) (Entered: 12/02/2011)
2012-01-23 6 0 MINUTE entry before Honorable Robert M. Dow, Jr: Initial Status hearing is set for 2/27/2012 at 10:30a.m. and parties are to report the following: (1) Possibility of settlement in the case; (2) If no possibility of settlement exists, the nature and length of discovery necessary to get the case ready for trial. Plaintiff is to advise all other parties of the courts action herein. Lead counsel is directed to appear at this status hearing. Parties to prepare and submit a joint status report on or before 2/23/2012. (See Judges web page for status report) Mailed notice (tbk, ) (Entered: 01/23/2012)
2012-02-01 7 0 NOTICE of Voluntary Dismissal by First Time Videos LLC of John Doe with Prejudice (Duffy, Paul) (Entered: 02/01/2012) 2012-09-24 15:29:16 c2dbdd8284765939a6da8a517e4bf8acc333b15c
2012-02-03 8 0 MINUTE entry before Honorable Robert M. Dow, Jr: Pursuant to Fed.R.Civ.P. 4l(a)(1), Plaintiff voluntarily dismisses 7 this action with prejudice. Status hearing date of 2/27/2012 is stricken. Mailed notice (tbk, ) (Entered: 02/03/2012)