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The 2023 Florida Statutes

Chapter 468
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F.S. 468.621
468.621 Disciplinary proceedings.
(1) The following acts constitute grounds for which the disciplinary actions in subsection (2) may be taken:
(a) Violating or failing to comply with any provision of this part, or a valid rule or lawful order of the board or department pursuant thereto.
(b) Obtaining certification through fraud, deceit, or perjury.
(c) Knowingly assisting any person practicing contrary to the provisions of:
1. This part; or
2. The building code adopted by the enforcement authority of that person.
(d) Having been convicted of a felony against this state or the United States, or of a felony in another state that would have been a felony had it been committed in this state.
(e) Having been convicted of a crime in any jurisdiction which directly relates to the practice of building code administration or inspection.
(f) Making or filing a report or record that the certificateholder knows to be false, or knowingly inducing another to file a false report or record, or knowingly failing to file a report or record required by state or local law, or knowingly impeding or obstructing such filing, or knowingly inducing another person to impede or obstruct such filing.
(g) Failing to properly enforce applicable building codes or permit requirements within this state which the certificateholder knows are applicable or committing willful misconduct, gross negligence, gross misconduct, repeated negligence, or negligence resulting in a significant danger to life or property.
(h) Issuing a building permit to a contractor, or any person representing himself or herself as a contractor, without obtaining the contractor’s certificate or registration number, where such a certificate or registration is required.
(i) Failing to lawfully execute the duties and responsibilities specified in this part and ss. 553.73, 553.781, 553.79, and 553.791.
(j) Performing building code inspection services under s. 553.791 without satisfying the insurance requirements of that section.
(k) Obstructing an investigation or providing or inducing another to provide forged documents, false forensic evidence, or false testimony to a local or state board or member thereof or to a licensing investigator.
(l) Accepting labor, services, or materials at no charge or at a noncompetitive rate from any person who performs work that is under the enforcement authority of the enforcement official and who is not an immediate family member of the enforcement official. The term “immediate family member” includes a spouse, child, parent, sibling, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or first cousin of the person or the person’s spouse or any person who resides in the primary residence of the enforcement official.
(2) When the board finds any person guilty of any of the grounds set forth in subsection (1), it may enter an order imposing one or more of the following penalties:
(a) Denial of an application for certification.
(b) Permanent revocation.
(c) Suspension of a certificate.
(d) Imposition of an administrative fine not to exceed $5,000 for each separate offense. Such fine must be rationally related to the gravity of the violation.
(e) Issuance of a reprimand.
(f) Placement of the certificateholder on probation for a period of time and subject to such conditions as the board may impose, including alteration of performance level.
(g) Satisfactory completion of continuing education.
(h) Issuance of a citation.
(3) Where a certificate is suspended, placed on probation, or has conditions imposed, the board shall reinstate the certificate of a disciplined building code administrator, plans examiner, or building code inspector upon proof the disciplined individual has complied with all terms and conditions set forth in the final order.
(4) No person may be allowed to apply for certification under this part for a minimum of 5 years after the date of revocation of any certificate issued pursuant to this part. The board may by rule establish additional criteria for certification following revocation.
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