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The 2023 Florida Statutes

Chapter 477
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F.S. 477.025
477.025 Cosmetology salons; specialty salons; requisites; licensure; inspection; mobile cosmetology salons.
(1) No cosmetology salon or specialty salon shall be permitted to operate without a license issued by the department except as provided in subsection (11).
(2) The board shall adopt rules governing the licensure and operation of salons and specialty salons and their facilities, personnel, safety and sanitary requirements, and the license application and granting process.
(3) Any person, firm, or corporation desiring to operate a cosmetology salon or specialty salon in the state shall submit to the department an application upon forms provided by the department and accompanied by any relevant information requested by the department and by an application fee.
(4) Upon receiving the application, the department may cause an investigation to be made of the proposed cosmetology salon or specialty salon.
(5) When an applicant fails to meet all the requirements provided herein, the department shall deny the application in writing and shall list the specific requirements not met. No applicant denied licensure because of failure to meet the requirements herein shall be precluded from reapplying for licensure.
(6) When the department determines that the proposed cosmetology salon or specialty salon may reasonably be expected to meet the requirements set forth herein, the department shall grant the license upon such conditions as it shall deem proper under the circumstances and upon payment of the original licensing fee.
(7) No license for operation of a cosmetology salon or specialty salon may be transferred from the name of the original licensee to another. It may be transferred from one location to another only upon approval by the department, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.
(8) Renewal of license registration for cosmetology salons or specialty salons shall be accomplished pursuant to rules adopted by the board. The board is further authorized to adopt rules governing delinquent renewal of licenses and may impose penalty fees for delinquent renewal.
(9) The board is authorized to adopt rules governing the periodic inspection of cosmetology salons and specialty salons licensed under this chapter.
(10)(a) The board shall adopt rules governing the licensure, operation, and inspection of mobile cosmetology salons, including their facilities, personnel, and safety and sanitary requirements.
(b) Each mobile salon must comply with all licensure and operating requirements specified in this chapter or chapter 455 or rules of the board or department that apply to cosmetology salons at fixed locations, except to the extent that such requirements conflict with this subsection or rules adopted pursuant to this subsection.
(c) A mobile cosmetology salon must maintain a permanent business address, located in the inspection area of the local department office, at which records of appointments, itineraries, license numbers of employees, and vehicle identification numbers of the licenseholder’s mobile salon shall be kept and made available for verification purposes by department personnel, and at which correspondence from the department can be received.
(d) To facilitate periodic inspections of mobile cosmetology salons, prior to the beginning of each month each mobile salon licenseholder must file with the board a written monthly itinerary listing the locations where and the dates and hours when the mobile salon will be operating.
(e) The board shall establish fees for mobile cosmetology salons, not to exceed the fees for cosmetology salons at fixed locations.
(f) The operation of mobile cosmetology salons must be in compliance with all local laws and ordinances regulating business establishments, with all applicable requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act relating to accommodations for persons with disabilities, and with all applicable OSHA requirements.
(11) Facilities licensed under part II of chapter 400 or under part I of chapter 429 are exempt from this section, and a cosmetologist licensed pursuant to s. 477.019 may provide salon services exclusively for facility residents.
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