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The 2023 Florida Statutes

Chapter 492
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F.S. 492.105
492.105 Licensure by examination; requirements; fees.
(1) Any person desiring to be licensed as a professional geologist shall apply to the department to take the licensure examination. The written licensure examination shall be designed to test an applicant’s qualifications to practice professional geology, and shall include such subjects as will tend to ascertain the applicant’s knowledge of the fundamentals, theory, and practice of professional geology and may include such subjects as are taught in curricula of accredited colleges and universities. The written licensure examination may be a multipart examination. The department shall examine each applicant who the board certifies:
(a) Has completed the application form and remitted a nonrefundable application fee and an examination fee which is refundable if the applicant is found to be ineligible to take the examination.
(b) Is at least 18 years of age.
(c) Has not committed any act or offense in any jurisdiction which would constitute the basis for disciplining a professional geologist licensed pursuant to this chapter.
(d) Has fulfilled the following educational requirements at a college or university, the geological curricula of which meet the criteria established by an accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education:
1. Graduation from such college or university with a major in geology or other related science acceptable to the board; and
2. Satisfactory completion of at least 30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours of geological coursework.
(e) Has at least 5 years of verified professional geological work experience, which includes a minimum of 3 years of professional geological work under the supervision of a licensed or qualified geologist or professional engineer registered under chapter 471 as qualified in the field or discipline of professional engineering work performed; or has a minimum of 5 accumulative years of verified geological work experience in responsible charge of geological work as determined by the board.
(2) The department shall issue a license to practice professional geology to any person who has:
(a) Paid the appropriate license fee;
(b) Been certified by the board as qualified to practice professional geology; and
(c) Passed the written licensure examination; provided that applicants meeting the other requirements of this section may be licensed without written examination if application is made in proper form within 1 calendar year of October 1, 1987.
(3) The department shall not issue a license to any applicant who is under investigation in any jurisdiction for an offense which would constitute a violation of this chapter. Upon completion of the investigation, the disciplinary provisions of s. 492.113 shall apply.
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  1. Section 492.105(1), Florida Statutes, provides that persons desiring to be licensed as professional geologists must apply to take an examination designed to test their qualifications. The examination is to be given only to those applicants who have paid the requisite fees, are at least 18 years of age, have not committed any offense which would be grounds for discipline if committed by a professional geologist, and fulfill specified educational and experience requirements. See Section 492.105(1)(a) through (e). The educational requirements are set out in Section 492.105(1)(d) which provides that examinees must
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  2. (8) geology, 492.105(1)(d)(1), Fla. Stat. (1987). This list is by no means fully inclusive. It is only intended to illustrate those professions, in addition to the common law professions of medicine, law, education, and clergy, which require at least a baccalaureate degree for licensure under Florida Statutes. These are among the occupations which would qualify as professions under our definition.
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    . . . He challenges the constitutionality of Sections 492.105(l)(d)(2) and 492.-111(1), Florida Statutes (1989 . . . See Section 492.105(l)(a) through (e). . . . The educational requirements are set out in Section 492.105(l)(d) which provides that examinees must . . . In an attempt to satisfy the Board that he met the educational criteria set out in Section 492.105(l) . . . The appellant’s attack on the constitutionality of Section 492.105(l)(d)2, as applied to him, fares no . . .

    FIERCE, v. AALL INSURANCE INCORPORATED,, 531 So. 2d 84 (Fla. 1988)

    . . . clinical counselling and psychotherapy, § 491.005(l)(b), (2)(b), (3)(b), Fla.Stat. (1987); (8) geology, 492.105 . . .