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2010 Georgia Code


§ 10-1-661 - "Coerce" defined; delivery of motor vehicles; modification of facilities; transfer of sales contracts; warranties

O.C.G.A. 10-1-661 (2010)
10-1-661. "Coerce" defined; delivery of motor vehicles; modification of facilities; transfer of sales contracts; warranties

(a) For purposes of this Code section, the term "coerce" means to compel or attempt to compel by threat or use of force or to fail to act in good faith in performing or complying with any term or provision of a franchise or dealer agreement.

(b) No franchisor shall require, attempt to require, coerce, or attempt to coerce any dealer in this state:

(1) To order or accept delivery of any new motor vehicle, part, or accessory thereof, equipment, or any other commodity not required by law which shall not have been voluntarily ordered by the dealer, except that this paragraph does not affect any terms or provisions of a franchise requiring dealers to market a representative line of those motor vehicles which the franchisor is publicly advertising;

(2) To order or accept delivery of any new motor vehicle with special features, accessories, or equipment not included in the list price of such new motor vehicle as publicly advertised by the franchisor;

(3) To refrain from participation in the management of, investment in, or the acquisition of any other line of new motor vehicle or related products. However, this paragraph does not apply unless the dealer maintains a reasonable line of credit for each make or line of new motor vehicle, the dealer remains in compliance with any reasonable facilities requirements of the franchisor, the dealer provides acceptable sales performance, and no change is made in the principal management of the dealer;

(4) To expand, construct, or significantly modify facilities without assurances that the franchisor will provide a reasonable supply of new motor vehicles within a reasonable time so as to justify such an expansion in light of the market and economic conditions;

(5) To sell, assign, or transfer any retail installment sales contract obtained by such dealer in connection with the sale by such dealer in this state of new motor vehicles to a specified finance company or class of such companies or to any other specified persons;

(6) To provide warranty or other services for the account of franchisor, except as provided in Part 3 of this article, the "Motor Vehicle Warranty Practices Act";

(7) To acquire any line-make of motor vehicle or to give up, sell, or transfer any line-make of motor vehicle which has been acquired in accordance with this article once such dealer has notified the franchisor that it does not desire to acquire, give up, sell, or transfer such line-make or to retaliate or take any adverse action against a dealer based on such desire; or

(8) To construct, renovate, or maintain exclusive facilities, personnel, or showroom area dedicated to a particular line-make if the imposition of such a requirement would be unreasonable in light of the existing circumstances, including the franchisor's reasonable business considerations, present economic and market conditions, and forecasts for future economic and market conditions in the dealer's retail territory. The franchisor shall have the burden of proof to demonstrate that its demand for exclusivity is justified by reasonable business considerations and reasonable in light of the dealer's circumstances, but this provision shall not apply to a voluntary agreement when separate and adequate consideration was offered and accepted, provided that the renewal of a franchise agreement shall not by itself constitute separate and adequate consideration. The franchisor shall have the burden of proof to show that the dealer has entered into a voluntary, noncoerced agreement regarding exclusivity.

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