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2010 Georgia Code


§ 10-14-22 - Judicial appeal of order of Secretary of State

O.C.G.A. 10-14-22 (2010)
10-14-22. Judicial appeal of order of Secretary of State

(a) An appeal may be taken from any order of the Secretary of State resulting from a hearing held in accordance with the provisions of Code Section 10-14-23 by any person adversely affected thereby to the Superior Court of Fulton County, Georgia, by serving on the Secretary of State, within 20 days after the date of entry of such order, a written notice of appeal, signed by the appellant, stating:

(1) The order from which the appeal is taken;

(2) The ground upon which a reversal or modification of such order is sought; and

(3) A demand for a certified transcript of the record of such order.

(b) Upon receipt of such notice of appeal, the Secretary of State shall, within ten days thereafter, make, certify, and deliver to the appellant a transcript of the record of the order from which the appeal is taken, provided that the appellant shall pay the reasonable costs of such transcript. The appellant shall, within five days after receipt of such transcript, file such transcript and a copy of the notice of appeal with the clerk of the court. Said notice of appeal and transcript of the record shall constitute appellant's complaint. Said complaint shall thereupon be entered on the trial calendar of the court in accordance with the court's normal procedures.

(c) If the order of the Secretary of State shall be reversed, the court shall by its mandate specifically direct the Secretary of State as to his or her further action in the matter, including the making and entering of any order or orders in connection therewith and the conditions, limitations, or restrictions to be contained therein.

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