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2010 Georgia Code


§ 12-10-62 - Process

O.C.G.A. 12-10-62 (2010)
12-10-62. Process

(a) In pursuance of Article III of the compact, the director of the State Forestry Commission shall act as compact administrator for the State of Georgia of the Southeastern Interstate Forest Fire Protection Compact during his term of office as director, and his successor as compact administrator shall be his successor as director. As compact administrator the director shall be an ex officio member of the advisory committee of the Southeastern Interstate Forest Fire Protection Compact, and chairman ex officio of the Georgia members of said advisory committee.

(b) There shall be four members of the Southeastern Interstate Forest Fire Protection Compact advisory committee from the State of Georgia. Two of the members from the State of Georgia shall be members of the General Assembly, one from the Senate and one from the House of Representatives, designated by the Georgia Commission on Interstate Cooperation; the terms of any such members shall terminate at the time they cease to hold legislative office; and their successors as members shall be named in like manner.

(c) The Governor shall appoint the other two members of the advisory committee from the State of Georgia, one of whom shall be associated with forestry or forest products industries. The terms of such members shall be three years, and such members shall hold office until their respective successors shall be appointed and qualified. Vacancies occurring in the office of such members for any reason or cause shall be filled by appointment by the Governor for the unexpired term.

(d) The director as compact administrator for the State of Georgia may delegate, from time to time, to any deputy or other subordinate in his department or office the power to be present and participate, including voting as his representative or substitute, at any meeting of or hearing by or other proceeding of the compact administrators or of the advisory committee.

(e) The terms of each of the initial four memberships, whether appointed at such time or not, shall begin upon the date upon which the compact shall become effective in accordance with Article II of the compact.

(f) Any member of the advisory committee may be removed from office by the Governor upon charges and after a hearing.

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