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2010 Georgia Code


§ 12-11-5 - Director; administration of corps programs; energy savings initiatives

O.C.G.A. 12-11-5 (2010)
12-11-5. Director; administration of corps programs; energy savings initiatives

(a) There is created the position of director of the Georgia Youth Conservation Corps. The director shall be appointed by the commissioner and shall be in the unclassified service of the State Personnel Administration.

(b) The commissioner shall be charged with the overall administration of corps programs under the provisions of this chapter and such rules and regulations as are adopted by the board. The commissioner may delegate to the director any or all of the duties and functions prescribed by this chapter. Such duties and functions may include, but are not limited to, the following:

(1) Recruiting and employing staff and corps member leaders and specialists;

(2) Adopting criteria for the selection of applicants to the corps;

(3) Executing agreements for furnishing the services of the corps to any federal, state, or local agency or to any local organization concerned with the overall objectives of the corps and all other agreements necessary and proper for the implementation and administration of this chapter;

(4) Applying for and accepting grants or contributions of funds from any source, public or private;

(5) Providing funds and matching funds to other corps programs meeting the specifications of this chapter and the rules and regulations of the board; and

(6) Reporting annually to the council, the Governor, and the General Assembly on the activities undertaken by the corps in the preceding fiscal year, including a cost-effectiveness analysis of all completed, ongoing, and proposed projects.

(c) The commissioner shall have the authority to contract with the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority and the Department of Labor for purposes of management and installation of energy saving material or devices or other projects under this chapter. The commissioner, the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority, and the Department of Labor are encouraged to use the corps for such purposes.

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