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2010 Georgia Code


§ 12-3-294 - Powers of authority generally

O.C.G.A. 12-3-294 (2010)
12-3-294. Powers of authority generally

The authority shall have power:

(1) To have a seal and alter it at pleasure;

(2) To acquire real and personal property of every kind and character by purchase or otherwise and to hold such property; to mortgage, hypothecate, or otherwise encumber its real and personal property for its corporate purposes; to grant a security interest by deed, financing statement, or bill of sale; and to construct a project on lands held by the state;

(3) To exercise the power of eminent domain;

(4) To appoint and select officers, agents, and employees, including engineering, architectural, and construction experts, and to fix their compensation;

(5) To make contracts, and to execute all instruments necessary or convenient, including contracts to borrow money; contracts for mortgages, security deeds, or other security interests; contracts for the construction of projects; and contracts with respect to the leasing or use of projects which it caused to be subdivided, erected, or acquired or which it constructs or manages pursuant to an agreement with the state;

(6) To plan, survey, subdivide, improve, administer, construct, erect, acquire, own, repair, remodel, maintain, add to, extend, improve, equip, operate, and manage projects as defined in Code Section 12-3-291, to be located on property owned or leased by the authority or the state. The cost of any such project may be paid in whole or in part from funds of or available to the authority including but not limited to borrowed money, income, the proceeds of revenue bonds of the authority, and any grant from the United States or any agency or instrumentality thereof or from the State of Georgia; provided, however, that the authority shall not undertake any such activity having a projected cost of over $1 million unless it has first evaluated the feasibility of involving private persons or entities in the development, construction, operation, and management of the authority's existing projects and such proposed activities and has filed a copy of such evaluation with the Office of Planning and Budget and the Recreational Authorities Overview Committee;

(7) To accept loans and grants, either or both, of money or materials or property of any kind from the United States or any agency or instrumentality thereof, upon such terms and conditions as the United States or such agency or instrumentality may impose;

(8) To borrow money for any of its corporate purposes, to issue negotiable revenue bonds from earnings of projects, and to provide for the payment of the same and for the rights of the holders thereof;

(9) To exercise any power usually possessed by private corporations performing similar functions, which is not in conflict with the Constitution and laws of this state;

(10) To act as agent for the United States, or any agency, department, corporation, or instrumentality thereof, in any manner within the purposes or powers of the authority;

(11) To adopt, alter, or repeal its own bylaws, rules, and regulations governing the manner in which its business may be transacted and in which the power granted to it may be enjoyed as the authority may deem necessary or expedient in facilitating its business;

(12) To do any and all other acts and things in this part authorized or required to be done, whether or not included in the general powers mentioned in this Code section;

(13) To receive gifts, donations, or contributions from any person, firm, or corporation;

(14) To hold, use, administer, and expend such sum or sums as may hereafter be received from any source, including income or gifts, for any of the purposes of this authority;

(14.1) To do any other things necessary or proper to foster and promote the involvement of private persons, firms, corporations, and partnerships in the development, construction, operation, and management of the authority's projects or projects which it manages pursuant to an agreement with the state, including but not limited to the entering into of contracts with such private entities for the development, construction, operation, and management of said projects for and on behalf of the authority;

(15) To do any other things necessary or proper to beautify, improve, and render projects self-supporting, including the establishment and modification of all reasonable fees, rentals, and other charges of whatever kind it deems necessary;

(16) To construct, maintain, and operate a project in White County, Georgia, to be known and designated as the "Georgia Recreation Experiment Station." In connection with such project, the Governor is authorized to execute for and on behalf of the state a lease upon any and all lands owned and held by the state in such county to the authority for a period not to exceed 50 years, such land so leased to be used by the authority only in connection with such project;

(17) To do all things necessary or convenient to carry out the powers expressly given in this part; and

(18) Upon obtaining a license from the Department of Revenue, to sell or dispense or to permit others to sell or dispense alcoholic beverages within or upon property or facilities owned, operated, managed, used, or controlled by the authority for consumption on the premises; provided, however, that the authority shall not sell or dispense alcoholic beverages in unbroken containers to be carried off of the premises. The sales authorized by this paragraph shall be limited to hotels, motels, lodges, and convention halls and those auditoriums, club houses, meeting rooms, and restaurants related thereto. The authority shall determine and regulate by resolution, as it may amend from time to time, the conditions under which such sales or dispensing of alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises shall be made or shall be permitted. The authority shall give at least 30 days' public notice by publication in the county organ of the county in which the property or facility is located of its intent to adopt such a resolution or to amend a previously adopted resolution. The authority shall hold a public hearing at a convenient time and location in such county at least 15 days prior to adopting such a resolution to hear public comments. Any such resolution or amendment to a previously adopted resolution shall be adopted only at an open and public meeting of the authority after the required public notice has been given and the required public hearing has been held.

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