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2010 Georgia Code


§ 12-3-315 - Exercise of police powers by authority; delegation of powers

O.C.G.A. 12-3-315 (2010)
12-3-315. Exercise of police powers by authority; delegation of powers

(a) The authority is empowered to exercise such of the police powers of the state as may be necessary to maintain peace and order and to enforce any and all zoning, use, and personal conduct restrictions upon the properties, facilities, and persons under its jurisdiction to the extent that such is lawful under the laws of the nation and the state. In addition, and upon the adoption by the authority of a resolution so stating, the authority is empowered to exercise the police powers of the state in areas up to within 300 yards of the shoreline of the islands, as such areas are specified in the resolution. The authority may delegate all or any part of the performance of these functions temporarily or permanently to the state or to the county in which the park is located.

(b) The authority shall have legislative power to adopt reasonable ordinances relating to the property, affairs, and administration of Lake Lanier Islands for which no provision has been made by general law and which are not inconsistent with the general laws and Constitution of the State of Georgia. The authority is further authorized to adopt ordinances adopting by reference any or all of the provisions of Chapter 6 of Title 40 in the same manner as a local authority under Code Section 40-6-372. Within the limits of the Lake Lanier Islands, the authority is authorized to appoint security officers who are authorized and empowered to serve and execute warrants and to make arrests for violation of ordinances adopted by the authority. Within the limits of Lake Lanier Islands, such security officers shall have the same authority, powers, and privileges regarding enforcement of laws as sheriffs of this state. Prosecutions for violations of the ordinances of the authority shall be in the magistrate court as provided in Article 4 of Chapter 10 of Title 15. The authority may provide that ordinance violations may be tried upon citations with or without a prosecuting attorney as well as upon accusations in the manner prescribed in Code Section 15-10-63.

(c) The maximum punishment for violation of such an ordinance shall be stated in the ordinance and shall not exceed a fine of $500.00 or imprisonment for 60 days, or both, except that an ordinance adopting the provisions of Code Section 40-6-391 shall provide the same punishment as provided by Code Section 40-6-391 for violations of that Code section.

(d) All of the provisions of any ordinances and resolutions adopted by the authority which are in force and effect as of April 2, 1987, and which are not inconsistent with nor repugnant to this Code section and not in conflict with the Constitution or the general laws of the State of Georgia or the Constitution of the United States shall remain in full force and effect, provided that the authority may at any time repeal, alter, or amend any of the provisions of said ordinances and resolutions.

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