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2010 Georgia Code


§ 12-3-522 - Creation; membership; meetings; expense allowance; perpetual existence; records

O.C.G.A. 12-3-522 (2010)
12-3-522. Creation; membership; meetings; expense allowance; perpetual existence; records

(a) There is created a body corporate and politic to be known as the Georgia Music Hall of Fame Authority which shall be deemed to be an instrumentality of the State of Georgia and a public corporation; and by that name, style, and title such body may contract and be contracted with, bring and defend actions, implead and be impleaded, and complain and defend in all courts of this state.

(b) The authority shall consist of nine members. Initially, members shall serve staggered terms of office as follows: two members for one year, two members for two years, two members for three years, and three members for four years. Thereafter, each member shall serve for a term of four years. All members shall be appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate and shall serve until the appointment and qualification of their successors. The members appointed by the Governor shall be selected from the state at large but shall be representative of all of the geographic areas of the state. Such members also shall represent the state's music industry. The Governor is authorized to appoint any elected or appointed state, county, municipal, or school board official or employee, except officials and employees of the legislative or judicial branches of state government, as members of the authority, and any person so appointed is authorized to serve as a member of the authority. All successors shall be appointed in the same manner as original appointments. Vacancies in office shall be filled in the same manner as original appointments. An appointment to fill a vacancy shall be for the unexpired term.
(c)(1) The authority shall hold a meeting each year in July, and, at each July meeting, the authority shall elect its own officers. Officers shall serve for terms of one year each beginning with their election and qualification and ending with the election and qualification of their respective successors. No person shall hold the same office for more than one consecutive term, and no member of the authority shall hold more than any one office of the authority. No vacancy on the authority shall impair the right of the quorum to exercise all rights and perform all duties of the authority.

(2) The authority is assigned to the Department of Economic Development for administrative purposes only, as specified in Code Section 50-4-3.

(d) Each member of the authority who is not otherwise a state officer or employee shall receive for each day that such member is in attendance at a meeting of the authority a daily expense allowance and reimbursement for transportation costs as provided for in Code Section 45-7-21. Each member of the authority who is otherwise an officer or employee of a state agency or authority may be reimbursed by that agency or authority for meals, transportation, and lodging in the usual manner authorized by law for such officers and employees. The members of the authority shall not receive any duplicate or other compensation for their services as such.

(e) The authority shall have perpetual existence. Any change in name or composition of the authority shall in no way affect the vested rights of any person under this part or impair the obligations of any contracts existing under this part.

(f) The members of the authority shall be accountable in all respects as trustees. The authority shall keep suitable and proper books and records of all receipts, income, and expenditures of every kind and shall submit for inspection all the books, together with the proper statement of the authority's financial position, to the state auditor.

(g) Except for the authorization of the issuance of bonds, the authority may delegate to the executive director such powers and duties as it may deem proper.

(h) The commissioner of economic development shall be the executive director of the authority. The executive director shall appoint such directors, deputies, assistants, and other staff members as may be necessary to manage the operations of the authority and may organize the authority into such divisions, sections, or offices as may be deemed necessary or convenient.

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