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2010 Georgia Code


§ 12-5-138 - Council authorized to establish rules and regulations for pump installation; certification requirements; civil penalties for violations

O.C.G.A. 12-5-138 (2010)
12-5-138. Council authorized to establish rules and regulations for pump installation; certification requirements; civil penalties for violations

(a)(1)(A) The council is authorized and directed to establish rules and regulations to provide for the certification of pump contractors who install, service, and repair pumps on or in water wells regulated under the provisions of this part and to provide standards for installation of such pumps in order to protect public health and safety. The council shall provide for classes of certificates which distinguish the levels of competencies of certificants to perform various tasks associated with such services. The council is authorized to establish fees and the director is authorized to charge such fees for such certification and the annual renewal thereof; provided, however, that the fee for the pump contractor shall not exceed the fee for the licensed water well contractor. The director may require any person to meet certain qualifications in order to be eligible for certification as a pump contractor. The director may provide that persons who can document that they have been in the business of installing, servicing, and repairing pumps and pumping equipment prior to December 31, 2003, may be granted a certification by paying the appropriate fees but without any requirement to pass any type of test.

(B) Any person wishing to engage in the business of a pump contractor shall designate himself or herself or at least one partner, officer, or full-time employee to fulfill the above certification requirements. If the requirements are satisfactorily fulfilled, the person shall be granted a certification under this Code section, and such certification shall cover pump contracting activities for which the person is responsible and so certified. The partners, officers, and employees of the person shall be allowed to engage in the activities covered by the certification if the individual who fulfilled the certification requirements has performed or approved such activities and such approval is posted at the site of the activity on forms to be provided by the council for that purpose. Any such certification shall be valid so long as the designated partner, officer, or full-time employee is associated with the certificant or until the certificate otherwise expires.

(2) The provisions of paragraph (1) of this subsection notwithstanding, the pump contracting activities of the partners, officers, and employees of the individual who fulfilled the certification requirements shall continue to be authorized under a certificate which was valid at the time of the certificant's death for a period of 180 days following the date of such death.

(3) The provisions of this subsection shall not prohibit a person licensed as an electrical contractor, master plumber, or journeyman plumber under Chapter 14 of Title 43 from engaging in any business activities or practices within the scope of such license without being certified as a pump contractor.

(b) Any person who installs any pump on or in a water well in violation of any installation standards adopted by the council pursuant to subparagraph (a)(1)(A) of this Code section which violation causes or has the potential for causing contamination of ground water shall be subject to civil penalties as provided in Code Section 12-5-133.1.

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