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2010 Georgia Code


§ 12-5-176 - Powers and duties of director as to public water systems generally

O.C.G.A. 12-5-176 (2010)
12-5-176. Powers and duties of director as to public water systems generally

(a) The director shall have and may exercise the following powers and duties:

(1) To exercise general supervision over the administration and enforcement of this part and all rules and regulations and orders promulgated hereunder;

(2) To encourage, participate in, or conduct studies, investigations, research, and demonstrations relating to the quality and purity of waters for public water systems of the state as he deems advisable and necessary;

(3) To issue permits covering the operation of public water systems, stipulating in each permit the conditions under which such permit was issued, and to deny, revoke, modify, or amend permits for good cause. In the event of denial, modification, or revocation of a permit, the director shall serve written notice of such action on the permit holder and shall set forth in such notice the reason for such action;

(4) To make investigations, laboratory analyses, and inspections to ensure compliance with this part, rules and regulations issued pursuant hereto, and any orders which the director may issue;

(5) To advise, consult, cooperate, and contract with other agencies of the state and political subdivisions thereof and, with the approval of the Governor, to negotiate and enter into agreements with the governments of other states and the United States and their several agencies on water quality matters, insofar as such agreements relate to the operation of public water systems;

(6) To conduct such public hearings as he deems necessary for the proper administration of this part;

(7) To collect and disseminate information relating to the quality of the water being furnished by the public water systems of the state;

(8) To issue orders as may be necessary to enforce compliance with this part and all rules and regulations promulgated hereunder;

(9) To investigate any apparent violation of this part and to take any action authorized hereunder as he deems necessary to enforce this part;

(10) To institute, in the name of the division, proceedings of mandamus or other proper legal proceedings to enforce this part;

(11) To exercise all incidental powers necessary to carry out the purposes of this part; and

(12) At the discretion of the director, to give instruction and training to public water system operators and public water system laboratory analysts; to provide technical assistance for such instruction and training by others; to collect fees for such training and assistance in accordance with Code Section 45-12-92; to purchase the services of any person to render such instruction and training; and to make available to any such person suitable space and facilities for the rendering of such instruction and training. The director may collect from the participants in any such instructional or training program a pro rata share of any actual out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the division in producing such program including, without limitation, the rental of nonagency facilities and the payment of nonagency instructors.

(b) The above and foregoing powers and duties may be exercised and performed by the director through such duly authorized agents and employees as he deems necessary and proper.

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