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2010 Georgia Code


§ 12-5-231 - Legislative findings and declarations

O.C.G.A. 12-5-231 (2010)
12-5-231. Legislative findings and declarations

The General Assembly finds and declares that coastal sand dunes, beaches, sandbars, and shoals comprise a vital natural resource system, known as the sand-sharing system, which acts as a buffer to protect real and personal property and natural resources from the damaging effects of floods, winds, tides, and erosion. It is recognized that the coastal sand dunes are the most inland portion of the sand-sharing system and that because the dunes are the fragile product of shoreline evolution, they are easily disturbed by actions harming their vegetation or inhibiting their natural development. The General Assembly further finds that offshore sandbars and shoals are the system's first line of defense against the potentially destructive energy generated by winds, tides, and storms, and help to protect the onshore segment of the system by acting as reservoirs of sand for the beaches. Removal of sand from these bars and shoals can interrupt natural sand flows and can have unintended, undesirable, and irreparable effects on the entire sand-sharing system, particularly when the historical patterns of sand and water flows are not considered and accommodated. Also, it is found that ocean beaches provide an unparalleled natural recreation resource which has become vitally linked to the economy of Georgia's coastal zone and to that of the entire state. The General Assembly further finds that this natural resource system is costly, if not impossible, to reconstruct or rehabilitate once adversely affected by man related activities and is important to conserve for the present and future use and enjoyment of all citizens and visitors to this state and that the sand-sharing system is an integral part of Georgia's barrier islands, providing great protection to the state's marshlands and estuaries. The General Assembly further finds that this sand-sharing system is a vital area of the state and is essential to maintain the health, safety, and welfare of all the citizens of the state. Therefore, the General Assembly declares that the management of the sand-sharing system has more than local significance, is of equal importance to all citizens of the state, is of state-wide concern, and consequently is properly a matter for regulation under the police power of the state. The General Assembly further finds and declares that activities and structures on offshore sandbars and shoals, for all purposes except federal navigational activities, must be regulated to ensure that the values and functions of the sand-sharing system are not impaired. It is declared to be a policy of this state and the intent of this part to protect this vital natural resource system by allowing only activities and alterations of the sand dunes and beaches which are considered to be in the best interest of the state and which do not substantially impair the values and functions of the sand-sharing system and by authorizing the local units of government of the State of Georgia to regulate activities and alterations of the ocean sand dunes and beaches and recognizing that, if the local units of government fail to carry out the policies expressed in this part, it is essential that the department undertake such regulation.

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