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2010 Georgia Code


§ 13-10-2 - Approval of bond; strengthening of bond

O.C.G.A. 13-10-2 (2010)
13-10-2. Approval of bond; strengthening of bond

(a)(1) Any bid bond, performance bond, payment bond, or security deposit required for a state public works construction contract shall be approved and filed with the treasurer or the person performing the duties usually performed by a treasurer of the obligee named in such bond. At the option of the state, if the surety named in the bond is other than a surety company authorized by law to do business in this state pursuant to a current certificate of authority to transact surety business by the Commissioner of Insurance, such bond shall not be approved and filed unless such surety is on the United States Department of Treasury's list of approved bond sureties.

(2) Any bid bond, performance bond, or payment bond required by this chapter shall be approved as to form and as to the solvency of the surety by an officer of the state or the agency or authority of the state negotiating the contract on behalf of the state. In the case of a bid bond, such approval shall be obtained prior to acceptance of the bid or proposal. In the case of a payment bond or a performance bond, such approval shall be obtained prior to the execution of the contract.

(b) Whenever, in the judgment of the obligee:

(1) Any surety on a bid, performance, or payment bond has become insolvent;

(2) Any corporate surety is no longer certified or approved by the Commissioner of Insurance to do business in the state; or

(3) For any cause there are no longer proper or sufficient sureties on any or all of the bonds,

the obligee may require the contractor to strengthen any or all of the bonds or to furnish a new or additional bond or bonds within ten days. Thereupon, if so ordered by the obligee, all work on the contract shall cease unless such new or additional bond or bonds are furnished. If such bond or bonds are not furnished within such time, the obligee may terminate the contract and complete the same as the agent of and at the expense of the contractor and his or her sureties.

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