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2010 Georgia Code


§ 14-2-705 - Notice of meeting

O.C.G.A. 14-2-705 (2010)
14-2-705. Notice of meeting

(a) A corporation shall notify shareholders of the date, time, and place of each annual and special shareholders' meeting no fewer than ten nor more than 60 days before the meeting date. Unless this chapter or the articles of incorporation require otherwise, the corporation is required to give notice only to shareholders entitled to vote at the meeting.

(b) Unless this chapter or the articles of incorporation require otherwise, notice of an annual meeting need not include a description of the purpose or purposes for which the meeting is called.

(c) Notice of a special meeting must include a description of the purpose or purposes for which the meeting is called.

(d) If not otherwise fixed under Code Section 14-2-703 or Code Section 14-2-707, the record date for determining shareholders entitled to notice of and to vote at an annual or special shareholders' meeting is the close of business on the day before the first notice is delivered to shareholders.

(e) Unless the bylaws require otherwise, if an annual or special shareholders' meeting is adjourned to a different date, time, or place, notice need not be given of the new date, time, or place if the new date, time, or place is announced at the meeting before adjournment. If a new record date for the adjourned meeting is or must be fixed under Code Section 14-2-707, however, notice of the adjourned meeting must be given under this Code section to persons who are shareholders as of the new record date.

(f) Notwithstanding the provisions of this Code section, a corporation need not provide any notice required by this Code section to a shareholder to whom:

(1) Notices of two consecutive annual meetings; or

(2) All and at least two payments of dividends or interest on securities or dividend reinvestment confirmations during a 12 month period

have been mailed addressed to the shareholder's address shown in the corporation's current record of shareholders and have been returned as undeliverable. Any action or meeting which shall be taken or held without notice to any such shareholder shall have the same force and effect as if such notice had been duly given. If any such shareholder shall deliver to the corporation written notice setting forth such shareholder's then current address, the requirement that notice be given to such shareholder shall be reinstated. If the action taken by the corporation requires the filing of a document under any other provision of this chapter, the document need not state that notice was not given to shareholders to whom notice was not required to be given pursuant to this subsection.

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