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2010 Georgia Code


§ 14-2-720 - Shareholders' list for meeting

O.C.G.A. 14-2-720 (2010)
14-2-720. Shareholders' list for meeting

(a) After fixing a record date for a meeting, a corporation shall prepare an alphabetical list of the names of all its shareholders who are entitled to notice of a shareholders' meeting. The list must be arranged by voting group and within each voting group by class or series of shares and show the address of and number of shares held by each shareholder. Nothing contained in this Code section shall require the corporation to include e-mail addresses or other information for delivery of electronic transmissions on such list.

(b) The shareholders' list must be available for inspection by any shareholder, his or her agent, or his or her attorney:

(1) On a reasonably accessible electronic network, provided that the information required to gain access to such list is provided with the notice of the meeting upon request; or

(2) During ordinary business hours at the principal place of business of the corporation.

In the event that the corporation makes the list available on an electronic network, the corporation may take reasonable steps to ensure that such information is available only to shareholders of the corporation. If the meeting is to be held in person, then the list shall be produced and kept at the time and place of the meeting during the duration of the meeting and may be inspected by any shareholder who is present. If the meeting is to be held solely by means of remote communication, then the list shall also be open to the examination of any shareholder during the duration of the meeting on a reasonably accessible electronic network, and the information required to access such list shall be provided with the notice of the meeting.

(c) If the corporation refuses to allow a shareholder, his agent, or his attorney to inspect the shareholders' list at the meeting, the superior court of the county where a corporation's registered office is located, on application of the shareholder, may summarily order the inspection at the corporation's expense and may postpone the meeting for which the list was prepared until the inspection is complete.

(d) Refusal or failure to prepare or make available the shareholders' list does not affect the validity of action taken at the meeting.

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