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2010 Georgia Code


§ 14-3-1703 - Saving provisions

O.C.G.A. 14-3-1703 (2010)
14-3-1703. Saving provisions

(a) Except as provided in subsection (b) of this Code section, the repeal of a statute by this chapter does not affect:

(1) The operation of the statute or any action taken under it before its repeal;

(2) Any ratification, right, remedy, privilege, obligation, or liability acquired, accrued, or incurred under the statute before its repeal; but the same, as well as actions that are pending on July 1, 1991, may be asserted, enforced, prosecuted, or defended as if the prior statute has not been repealed;

(3) Any violation of the statute, or any penalty, forfeiture, or punishment incurred because of the violation, before its repeal;

(4) Transactions validly entered into before July 1, 1991, and the rights, duties, and interests flowing from them shall remain valid thereafter and may be terminated, completed, consummated, or enforced as required or permitted by any statute repealed by this chapter as though the repeal had not occurred;

(5) Any proceeding, reorganization, or dissolution commenced under the statute before its repeal, and the proceeding, reorganization, or dissolution may be completed in accordance with the statute as if it had not been repealed;

(6) Any provision of the articles of incorporation, charter, or bylaws of a corporation in existence on July 1, 1991, that was authorized or permitted by the prior nonprofit corporation law of this state, that was validly adopted under the law in effect at the time of its adoption, and that is authorized or permitted by this chapter; or

(7) Any meeting of members or directors or action by written consent noticed or any action taken before its repeal as a result of a meeting of members or directors or action by written consent.

(b) If a penalty or punishment imposed for violation of a statute repealed by this chapter is reduced by this chapter, the penalty or punishment if not already imposed shall be imposed in accordance with this chapter.

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