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2010 Georgia Code


§ 15-11-154 - Appointment of plan manager for dependent child; development of mental competency plan

O.C.G.A. 15-11-154 (2010)
15-11-154. Appointment of plan manager for dependent child; development of mental competency plan

(a) Upon an adjudication of dependency, the court having jurisdiction of the case shall appoint a plan manager who may be any guardian ad litem for the child or may be any other person who is under the supervision of the court. The person so appointed shall submit a mental competency plan to the court within 30 days of the court's adjudication of dependency. That plan shall include the following:

(1) The specific deficits the plan is attempting to address, including supervision, mental competency, or mental competency restoration;

(2) An outline of the specific provisions for supervision of the child for protection of the community and the child;

(3) An outline of a plan designed to provide for treatment, habilitation, support, or supervision services in the least restrictive environment achievable within the limits of current resources;

(4) If the plan recommends treatment in a secure environment, certification by the plan manager that all other appropriate community based treatment options have been exhausted; and

(5) Identification of all parties, including the child, agency representatives, and other persons responsible for each element of the plan.

The court in its discretion may grant the plan manager an extension in filing the mental competency plan.

(b) (1) The mental competency plan shall be developed at a meeting of all relevant parties convened by the plan manager. The plan manager shall request that the following persons attend the meeting:

(A) Any parent, guardian, or other legal custodian of the child;

(B) The attorney representing the child;

(C) The attorney representing the state;

(D) Any guardian ad litem of the child;

(E) Mental health or mental retardation representatives;

(F) Any probation officer or caseworker who works with the child;

(G) A representative from the child's school; and

(H) Any family member of the child who has shown an interest and involvement in the child's well-being.

(2) The plan manager may request that other relevant persons attend the mental competency plan meeting including but not limited to the following:

(A) A representative from the Division of Public Health of the Department of Community Health;

(B) A child protective services worker; and

(C) Representatives of the public and private resources to be utilized in the plan.

(3) The plan manager shall be responsible for collecting all previous histories of the child, including but not limited to previous evaluations, assessments, and school records, and for making such histories available for consideration by the persons at the meeting.

(4) Before the disposition hearing and review hearings, the plan manager shall be responsible for convening a meeting of all parties and representatives of all agencies.

(5) The plan manager and persons enumerated in paragraph (1) of subsection (b) of this Code section shall identify to the court any person who should provide testimony at such hearing.

(6) The plan manager shall be responsible for monitoring the competency plan, presenting to the court amendments to such plan as needed, and presenting evidence to the court for the reapproval of such plan at subsequent review hearings.

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