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2010 Georgia Code


§ 15-11-8 - Expenses charged to county; payment by parents on court order

O.C.G.A. 15-11-8 (2010)
15-11-8. Expenses charged to county; payment by parents on court order

(a) The following expenses shall be a charge upon the funds of the county upon certification thereof by the court:

(1) The cost of medical and other examinations and treatment of a child ordered by the court;

(2) The cost of care and support of a child committed by the court to the legal custody of an individual or a public or private agency other than the Department of Juvenile Justice, but the court may order supplemental payments, if such are necessary or desirable;

(3) Reasonable compensation for services and related expenses of counsel appointed by the court, where appointed by the court to represent the child and when appointed by the court to conduct the proceedings;

(4) Reasonable compensation for a guardian ad litem;

(5) The expense of service of summons, notices, and subpoenas, travel expenses of witnesses, transportation, subsistence, and detention of the child, and other like expenses incurred in the proceedings under this chapter; and

(6) The cost of counseling and counsel and advice required or provided under the provisions of Code Sections 15-11-57 and 15-11-68.

(b) If, after due notice to the parents or other persons legally obligated to care for and support the child and after affording them an opportunity to be heard, the court finds that they are financially able to pay all or part of the costs and expenses stated in subsection (a) of this Code section, the court may order them to pay the same and prescribe the manner of payment. In addition, the court may order payment from the parents or other legally obligated persons to reimburse all or part of the costs and expenses of the Department of Human Services for treatment, care, and support of the child. Unless otherwise ordered, payment shall be made to the clerk of the court for remittance to the person or agency, including the Department of Human Services, to whom compensation is due or, if the costs and expenses have been paid by the county, to the appropriate officer of the county.

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