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2010 Georgia Code


§ 15-11-88 - Disposition of resident child received from another state

O.C.G.A. 15-11-88 (2010)
15-11-88. Disposition of resident child received from another state

(a) If a juvenile court of another state which has adopted the Uniform Juvenile Court Act or a substantially similar act which includes provisions corresponding to this Code section and Code Section 15-11-87 requests a court of this state to accept jurisdiction of a child found by the requesting court to have committed a delinquent act or to be an unruly or deprived child and the court of this state finds, after investigation, that the child is or is about to become a resident of the county in which the court presides, it shall promptly and not later than 14 days after receiving the request issue its acceptance in writing to the requesting court and shall direct its probation officer or other person designated by it to take physical custody of the child from the requesting court and bring the child before the court of this state or make other appropriate provisions for the child's appearance before the court.

(b) Upon the filing of certified copies of the orders of the requesting court determining that the child committed a delinquent act or is an unruly or deprived child and committing the child to the jurisdiction of a court of this state, the court of this state shall immediately fix a time for a hearing on the need for treatment or rehabilitation and disposition of the child or on the continuance of any probation or protective supervision.

(c) The hearing and notice thereof and all subsequent proceedings shall be governed by this article. The court may make any order of disposition permitted by the facts and this article. The orders of the requesting court are conclusive that the child committed the delinquent act or is an unruly or deprived child and of the facts found by the court in making the orders, subject only to Code Section 15-11-40. If the requesting court has made an order placing the child on probation or under protective supervision, a like order shall be entered by the court of this state. The court may modify or vacate the order in accordance with Code Section 15-11-40.

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