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2010 Georgia Code


§ 15-12-20 - Board of jury commissioners; appointment; qualifications; number; terms; removal

O.C.G.A. 15-12-20 (2010)
15-12-20. Board of jury commissioners; appointment; qualifications; number; terms; removal

(a) In each county there shall be a board of jury commissioners, whose members shall be discreet persons who are not practicing attorneys at law nor county officers, who shall be appointed by the chief judge of the superior court.

(b) Absent promulgation of a court rule pursuant to subsection (c) of this Code section specifying a lesser number, the board of jury commissioners shall be composed of six members. When the board is composed of six members, on the first appointment two shall be appointed for two years, two for four years, and two for six years. Their successors shall be appointed for a term of six years.

(c) In any county the chief judge of the superior court may establish by court rule duly published and filed a board of jury commissioners composed of not less than three nor more than five members. In counties in which the numerical composition of the board has been established by court rule, the first appointments to the board shall be fixed in such a manner that not more than one member's term shall expire during any calendar year. The chief judge shall adjust the composition and terms of members of the board in office at the time of the publication of the court rule. Successors to members of the board originally appointed under the provisions of a court rule shall be appointed for a term of six years.

(d) In all cases, the chief judge shall have the right to remove the jury commissioners at any time, in his discretion, for cause and appoint successors. However, no person who has served for more than three years as a jury commissioner shall be eligible or shall be appointed to succeed himself as a member of the board of jury commissioners.

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